Saturday, August 08, 2015

Damn You Elise Van Westerienen and your awful VH1 Shows

It was years ago when  Elise came to visit and watched horrible VH1 reality shows.  And I have kicked the habit for most of them.  But then, every now and then, Tivo grabs one and they suck me back in.
The 'Maries, right up front.
The latest is "Twinning" - a mess of a show where 12 sets of twins are separated by into a Blue "house" and a Green house.  In reality, but houses are in a big unused airplane hanger and they can hear each other if they yell loud enough.
So once a week they compete against each other on opposite sides of a different wall.  4 winning sets of twins can visit between the houses for some time (unspecified to the viewer).  They also send 2 sets of other twins to the "twin-off" where they test their (wait for it) twin-tuition.  Oye.
This is a long build up.
The 'Maries on the right.  (Roxanne and Nicole on the left).
Anyway, the 'Maries on the right above (Anna-Marie and Gina-Marie), were competing in said "twin off" and 1 question was "What is your spirit animal."  Of course dolphins, unicorns came up.  But One of the 'Maries said, "Cow".
And, when queried, she responded, "Yes, cow.  I mean they are soo pretty and sad.  If I win the money I am going to open, like, a cow ... you know ... that thing where they can live free."  And no, she is not a vegetarian.
I just love the idea of a ditsy, way-too rich, daddy's girl opening a great cow sanctuary somewhere on Long Island.

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Anonymous said...

A cow sanctuary....sigh, it's perfect! -svh.