Monday, August 17, 2015

Hillary Inoculated

Another Hillary in Danger Meme
There are seemingly endless reports of Hillary's imminent decline.  Some may even turn out to be true.  But right now, I think they are all a little premature.  And I'll tell you why.
Hillary isn't new to this particular rodeo kids.  And people (who pay attention moderately to politics) either already like her or hate her.  And people that hate her either really hate her or hate and admire her.
While the scandal of the week this is is e-mail, before that it was Benghazi,  after this  we all know it will be something else.  It is not that she is teflon (i.e. shit doesn't stick to her) as much as Republicans, Fox News and Maureen Dowd have thrown so much shit at her, so often, that people have made up their mind.
The haters (a large group) has inoculated her against shit, because they have all thrown so much at her for 24 years (2 of Presidential primaries, 8 of Clinton, 8 of W. Bush and 6 years of Obama's presidencies).
You want the pro and con of e-mail'gate.  I have barely been following it and I can tell you why it isn't important.  Mainly because it is of a pattern.  And therefore, the answers are of a pattern that any Hillary donor good recite without thinking.
1) It wasn't illegal.  During her tenure the Secretary of State might have been requested to use government email servers, but they weren't required.
2) Corollary to #1.  If it was illegal, why didn't anyone tell her?  The government must have known this in the first months of her email.  Government is mandated by Congress to back up all email and email servers.  If this was illegal, why wasn't it brought up in 2009?
3) Double standard, others did the same thing.  True.  Jeb Bush used private email servers.  I bet she can find where Cheney Chenney quite contrary did it as well.
4) It is a Fox News manufactured scandal, what are you going to do?  This will be even harder to dis-prove in the future, for lack of Jon Stewart.  For you know Stewart fans out there, when Republicans called foul and Fox fell in, Jon Stewart was Democrats best bullshit-o-meter.  In many cases where it was a real scandal, Jon Stewart would agree with Fox (which he hated) and gave it some real legs.  There is not more Stewart to believe.
It is like small pox vaccines or the flu.  You give someone a little of the actual disease (or something close to it) and the body creates immunity.  Republicans, Fox News even angry Democrats have inoculated Hillary Clinton with 24 years of crap!  Starting with the New Hampshire Primary affair scandal in 1991!

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