Thursday, August 13, 2015

Something Interesting on the way to Glacier National Park: National Bison Range

A little over a week ago, Eddie and I visited my Mom and Nick in Montana.  She lives just south of Missoula (a cool little town) and we decided that after visiting her we would drive up to Glacier National Park.  I have never been.
Well, in order to break up the drive, Ed checked out some things along the way.  One very unexpected thing was the National Bison Range (link).  I never heard of it, but it got good Yelp! reviews, so we stopped by.
So Very Cool!
It is a not range of small mountains (or very large hills) with plains around it.  It is surrounded by farmland or road.  Here there are herds of Bison (American Buffalo), Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deers, White Tailed Deers, Bighorn Sheep and some Bears.  There is a nice, albeit dirt, road that goes up over the mountains - then along the river / plain area.  We saw the coolest stuff.
Pictures below:

Bisons (using my iPhone telephoto - so sorry)

A pronghorn on the hill.  I was excited as I have never seen one so close.  Then we saw the ones below.

Yep, a younger bear just sitting in the water munching away.  We watched for a while.  Ed has video.

You can see the beauty in the distance - and the road in the middle foreground.  That is the Flathead River far below.

Yes, it is a boring old deer.  But I liked it in this picture.  Looks more in place than on a front lawn.

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