Monday, September 14, 2015

At Finals Week at the US Open - Fun Fun (but alas and alackaday Re: Federer and Serena)

US Open Finals week was great.
Most are obvious, but on right column: Penetta (the Women's Winner), Federer, Robert Redford, the Hugh Jackman - note in top row. the boater is Sean Conrey and 2 seats in blue baseball hat is Bradley Cooper), Italian Prime Minister (black suit - no tie) and Italian government members who flew in for all Italian Women's Finals), Anna Witanor and David Beckham
In addition to a great women's and men's finals, I also got to see the Intercollegiate Men's Final where our UCLA Young Man Mackenzie McDonald won the title.  And, as befits a UCLA student, a proud AmerAsian.
Thank you to my fabulous honey Eddie (in the tie in the bottom) for letting me horn in on his moment to shine.

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