Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Analogy that Made Me Laugh Outloud

Jonah Goldberg, right wing hack, has engaged the beast.  And the beast, in this particular case, are the legion of Trumpsters.  He wrote a newsletter / article about Donald Trump entitled "No Movement that Embraces Trump Can Call Itself Conservative" (link).
As a general rule, Mr. Goldberg trains his vitriol at Democrats, and so I ignore it.  But his newsletter has caused a firestorm on the right and I wanted to read it to understand why.  You, yourself, may read it or not, but I had to share this priceless paragraph.
But this is not an argument for Trump as a serious presidential candidate. It is really no argument at all. It is catharsis masquerading as principle, venting and resentment pretending to be some kind of higher argument. Every principle used to defend Trump is subjective, graded on a curve. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It’s amazing! It’s remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don’t judge humans by the same standard.
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