Friday, October 23, 2015

Someone Take The Twitter Feed Away From Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is one of our Republican Presidential Candidates.  Last time he ran (2008) he did reasonably well for a while as the nice Christian.  In 2012 he stayed out to be a commentator and to sell a diabetes cure that was dependent on (swear to Go) eating cinnamon rolls and getting off medicine  (you can't make that shit up - link here).
This year he is back and trying a new tack.  He isn't the nice Christian this time.
He is fighting with Ted Cruz on who hates gays the most.  He had a press reception for Kim Davis (the woman who won't do the job she swore to uphold because she hates gays so much).  Ted Cruz was there as well, but one of candidate Huckabee's aids blocked him from the stage.
Then there is his twitter feed.  Oye.  These are my three favorites (and no you can't click to follow - you can find him yourself if you so desire, I am not helping).
While I appreciate the sentiment, Mike has no "small" anything

Mike did not understand why people though this was racist.
He said people who complained here were supporting the North Korean Dictator
I have no idea whey the Republicans are having problems with non-whites.

The "It Gets Better" sick organization is there to help stop LBGT kids suicide.
See, now Donald Trump isn't the craziest in the room, right?

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