Friday, November 13, 2015

A Moderate Platform (I think) - i.e. What a Liberal Might Support

So, The Week, this issue, repeats the statement from New York Magazine that 95% of the population has made up it's mind already for the election.  I think that is a horrible idea.
But I was more interested in their why:
But, since 2004, polarization on immigration, climate change, abortion, religion and social issues has become so acute that every Presidential election seems to represent a major turning point...
And the follow on to that assumption is that the President will be facing 45% of a country that doesn't like him or her from the get go.
So, is there a way to get a moderate (i.e. consensus) solution to this issues.  I think so, this would be my proposal.
Immigration - I believe I have laid this out repeatedly, but I will say it once again.  Throw everyone in jail who hires, pays or manages an illegal worker after 1 warning; this includes the CEO and Head of HR for each umbrella organization all the way up the ladder.  Period.  Illegal immigration depends on easy jobs in the US, nothing else.  Unless they were using eVerify and there was a problem that wasn't their fault.  This happens.
Climate Change - Let's look at this rationally.  We are going to burn more fossil fuels no matter what.  We cannot destroy the path to prosperity and health for 3/4s of the world simply to stop carbon emissions.  I know this.  So, let's reward cleaner burning facilities.  I am fine with the Keystone (on a number of reasons), but let's also invest in colleges and universities to find better ways to burn coal, tar sands, etc.  Also, we need to provide tax breaks for renewables.  Sure, there is the occasional Solendra, but China is already doing this and their Solar Energy industry is employing thousands and reducing the cost of energy.  It is a valid investment - and if you find fraud, put the CEO and all C-suites (CFO, COO, Head of HR) in jail.  Not fine them, put them in Jail even if only for a month.
Taxes - I will support all tax reductions provided this one caveat, you show what you will cut AT THE SAME TIME to offset the lose in income.  So, you want to cut taxes by $50 Billion this year - and you think it will generate $70 Billion over 10 years, great.  But Congress has to cut that $50 Billion at the same time you cut taxes anyway.  If it raises money in the future, you can add it back.  But any Tax cut has to be offset by a spending cut that same year.  Then let the people know and Congress vote.  I am fine with that.  More than fine - I think that is a great idea.
Abortion - Here is my thought, no one wants an abortion as their first choice.  It is the worst possible method of birth control and is only used in desperation when a couple (or woman) really wants a child.  Therefore, let's make this sensible.  I would be okay with outlawing abortion after 20 weeks IF, at the same time, we made birth control affordable and available AND we taught sex education in school that includes information on Birth Control.  You might think this happens already (then why oppose it?), but it does not.  Many school have "abstinence only" education - and they have (ding ding ding) higher rates of out of wedlock births and unplanned pregnancies.
Religion - If someone wants to opt out of doing anything for a gay marriage I am okay with that provided 2 things.  1) Someone else can do the job (i.e. someone else in Kim Davies' office WILL provide marriage licenses).  2) You advertise with a little "No Gays" sign if you are providing a private service.  Like a Baker of Wedding Cakes or Wedding Photographer.  Of course, the clergy would still have the same safeguards they have now and do not have to marry anyone they don't want to.
There see.  That wasn't so hard.  And who can't agree to that.  Really, who?


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Will you please run for President!

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