Friday, January 08, 2016

Proud of my Brother-in-Law

So my brother-in-law, John, is a great guy.  He's always very nice to me and my friends.  He has entertained my mother and my friends from England on their stop-overs in the MiniApple.  We went to Croatia with him and I love spending time with him.
But, yesterday I happened to see a notice - that he didn't share - from an online journal.  Congrats to him, he will say it's not, but it is a big deal...  (also look after the article to see one of the reasons he impresses me).  Believe you me, when I am mentioned in something I toot my horn like mad!
Right there under Executive Transactions!

This is John (with a Vikings shirt) and his wife.  We had about an hour in Kotor Montenegro.  Check out the mountain behind them with the ancient fort.

Yes, this is the Mountain with the ancient fort which John and Sue climbed up and down in less than an hour.
PS - Yes, Montenegro is gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

kudos John.