Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It is indeed

It is my birthday.  And the web is a great source of entertainment about your birthday.  This being my birthday it means that:
1) I am an Aries by the Traditional Zodiac
2) My Chinese year is "Boar "  (okay most people say pig, but I found a Boar)

3) My Updated Zodiac is the Jackalope
(for your update sign, leave a comment: tell me your traditional sign and I will tell you what yoru Updated Zodiac sign is...)

For those of you not familiar with the Updated Zodiac, the Jackalope is quiet and shy, yet extremely showy and extroverted.  Sweet and fuzzy, they can be quick to anger if pissed off.  In an argument, they drop issues quickly, unless you won't drop it - then they are pig-headed and hold a grudge indefinitely.  PS - They hate meerkats, why did they get the damn TV show?
Jackalope Details
Favorite color - Valium
Ruling Sign - Keep Off the Grass
Best Relationship Mate - Hot


Anonymous said...

Virgo please. svh

Scott said...

Virgo - > Updated Zodiac = Mermaid

Mermaids are the beautiful creatures, half of this world have of the next. Which means, no matter what you do, you are in their way somehow. Mermaids sing and leave only lovey memories in their wake - unless you have pissed them off, in which case they will lure you to your death happily.

Favorite Color - Pantone 2397XGC
Ruling Sign - I'm not OCD, I just like everything in its... DON'T TOUCH THAT
Best Relationship Mate - Someone met at the Container Store

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