Thursday, March 17, 2016

Runyon Canyon

The view to the Hollywood sign.  Our old house was on the far ridge.
California Poppy
So, you often hear about or see pictures from Runyon Canyon.
It is a trail in Los Angeles where you go if you want to see stars.  At some point almost everyone hikes Runyon.  It is a great city trail.
Gavin and his sister actually ran it when they were practicing for the marathon.
It is closing soon for work on water pipes, so Eddie and I were glad it was open this last week-end when we were in LA.  We hiked it with Gavin, his sister, his sister's partner and Casy / Clompers - Gavin's dog.
It was cool and I have some pictures so you can see it.


Lynette (in the blue) was not a fan of heights and this was one place that scared her.
Eddie and I at the top
Views from near the top looking down.

From near the top - a view down to the base of the trail.  Over on the upper right - Century City.

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