Friday, March 25, 2016

Wow! Her God is Kind of An Asshole

So here is the LINK to her article (not summaries).

Michelle Bachman's God is kind of a dick.  I mean he kills people all around the world (except the United States) to make President Obama look foolish?  Seems ineffective and - well mean.  "Hi, I'm God.  Sorry you're going to lose your son today in an attack, but that darn President Obama - he just won't listen to me."
I think if God's plan was to embarrass Obama then a better idea might be to have a clown nose appear on his face miraculously during a press conference, right?  Doing this to the people of Belgium to make Obama look foolish is not something I would hope a "God" would do.
Per Machelle Bachman these bodies and body parts were used by God to embarrass President Obama.  That makes her God a Dick.

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