Monday, April 25, 2016

Onassis Center Show

We went to a show at the Onassis Center.  I couldn't take pictures there, but it was a way cool show about a village that was rediscovered  not that long ago.
The program and the statue outside the Onassis Center
It was called "Dion" on the slope of Mt. Olympia.  In 2002 a flood forced people in this part of Greece to reroute a river to avoid flooding homes.  After the water receded, a Greek column topped by a statue of an eagle was uncovered.  More excavation found a huge complex built around 300
BC that flourished until at least 200 AD - judging by the statuary and whom temples are dedicated to.
There are tablets from the earliest periods by Macedonian rulers giving title to lands - and much later Roman ruins that pay tribute to Agrippina the Elder (d 33AD) and Faustina the Younger (r 161-175 AD).
Not just statuary, but also full roman tiled floors and various personal use items.  IT reminded us both of Pompeii, but this was covered by mud, not ash.
They also have casts of the Elgin Marbles.  Made right when Sir Elgin took them under the permission of the Ottaman's.  Yeah, there is a big sign about all that.

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