Monday, June 27, 2016

New York Pride March

Ready to start (our group handed out the Rainbow Sunglesses)
Eddie and I marched at New York Gay Pride Parade yesterday.  And it was great and moving and LONG.  Seriously, we didn't even start marching until 4:00 and were still marching at 6:30.  The parade itself started at Noon!

After a while "moving emotionally" morphs into "hurry up" through no fault of one's own.

But I am really glad we did it.  Here are some pictures.
Many of the LGBT Tennis marchers (the lights behind us were from Mt. Sinai Ambulance - part of Mt. Sinai's group). 
The Empire State Building (we were a little behind Macy's)
The corner of Gay Street and Christopher Street

The People on the ledge freaked Eddie out
Us with Eddie's Pride Shoes!

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