Friday, July 22, 2016

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Ala Napoleon.
Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for the Presidency of the United States.

He doesn't have an plans beyond the mantra, "I'll make America Great." And "Hillary Clinton is a crook." But, no worries, apparently plans are for pussies and Democrats.  Real men rule by their gut - like Donald Trump and lesser real men like Putin and Erdogan and Netanyahu.

Republicans pop a woodie for Ronald Reagan. By they tend to forget that Ronald Reagan was an optimist.  He chided Jimmy Carter for not being upbeat enough.  He thought everything would work out because Americans were good people.

It wasn't all that painful to vote for Ronald Reagan, because even if you hated his policies, you know that he believed in the good of the country and it's people.  Even those that disagreed with him (like me at the time).

Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn't believe that Americans are good people.  Immigrants (even second or third generation immigrants) can't have positions of power because they can't be trusted.  Women are either beautiful and bangable or shrill harpies. All people who support addressing racism in the police when it occurs need a quick kick in the ass and an enema or Law And Order! If you say #BlackLivesMatter then you are a racist thug who should be put down. All Mexicans are rapists or Murders.  All Muslims are suspects.*

Every trade agreement made by everyone (Republican or Democrat) before Donald came along was terrible.  The worst ever.  The people that made them were idiots or worse.  Warriors that were captured were stupid. Presidents that faced complex issues and didn't do what he will do (not what he said at the time) were either liars and incompetent (the Bushes) or secret Muslims (Obama).

The fact of him being the nominee doesn't scare me.  The fact that 13 million people voted in primaries for him scares me.  The Nuremberg / Cleveland rally that calls for locking up or executing his opponents scares me. The screaming face of hatred that his supports showed from both the floor and the podium scares me.

*Hard as it is to believe, as a gay white male - I come out of Trump's world view as a good guy.  While the Republicans and their Party Platform are very anti-gay - Trump doesn't mind us queers.  As long as we are white men or hot lesbians.

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