Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some Last Views of the Cabin and Middlebury

Well, here are some last pictures that I loved of our trip.

First, the cabin, you can see the water is right outside our cabin.

And you can see Trevor had a hard time snuggling with us on a double bed (we brought his dog bed and that is where he slept all night.

Me and Eddie outside of the Art Museum entrance

The Museum Garden
 Then there is the Art Museum.  Its a great little Museum for the college with a eclectic collection.

Most of the college buildings looked like this, made with local stone.

Finally the village.  Middlebury city banners (and the College's pics) use the same artists as Ben and Jerry's (right up the road).  That is why they seem familiar.

They built a little park so you could eat lunch and listen to the falls.
And guess who  apprenticed here!!!

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