Thursday, July 21, 2016

Today's Great News

Today is a fucking great day.  GREAT!
For example, today a black man - unarmed and a group home manager was trying to help one his autistic residents.  The police came and he laid on the ground, explained neither he nor the autistic man had any weapons.  He laid down with his hands in the air.
LINK to video
You can guess what happened next, the police shot him.  Three times.  Video and link
Then there is The Donald.

Yesterday in an interview he explained that the United States is not bound by NATO treaties.

If Russia - who has attacked and taken land from the independent nation of Ukraine, land which it had (by treaty) promised to respect as Ukrainian - were to attack the Baltic countries, then Donald would see if they have contributed enough to NATO before deciding whether to support them.

The deciding opinion on "if" they had contributed enough would be his, of course.  Mr. I Got A Great Brain.

You may agree that defending the Baltic Countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) is not a good use of America's might.  There is a reasonable argument to be made they should not have been included into NATO.

But they were.

You see we are allies in NATO with these countries.

We have guaranteed with our Laws and Treaties (and our reputation) to come to their aid.  The fact that Donald thinks America should be able to simple say - Ha Ha, just kidding is crazy.

And it is crazy that anyone, ANYONE!, can call Hillary Clinton crooked or a liar and still support this insane lying ass megalomaniac.

And he is going to win.

And then there is the weather.

- June was the hottest June on record.

- June 2016 was the 14th Month in the Row where the month had been the hottest that month had been in history.

- This string of new records (14 in a row) is, in itself, a new record in history of record keeping

Now this is the normal picture about climate change.  You know, the cute Polar Bear family with less ice. And, while cute, most people won't walk an extra block to save some damn bear.

So forget the bear.  These were a very few "other" effects of the hottest June in history.

Flooding in Texas, the South and (here) West Virginia caused destruction and death (like the young boy that was washed away and died in this flood).
Wildfires after -record heat after a record drought.  This one tore through the wilderness and cities (like here above Lake Isabella where my Uncle and Aunt once lived)
Four people died in Phoenix on this day due to record heat.

And, this cannot be fixed.  We waited too long to fix Climate Change.  It is just going to conintue to bring death and destruction. Besides, our new Dear Leader Donald believes all that is a hoax anyway.

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