Friday, August 12, 2016

No, He's Not Normal - And We Have To Call BS (this week's nincompoopery): And End of Donald Trump for a While for Me.

So, one has to call bullshit on Trump every now and then. If not, then we are stuck in his world and the lies become accepted as truth or reasonableness or (as Rudy Giuliani said the other day)"legitimate political commentary. "

AND I don't want to right about this narcissistic sociopath anymore for a while, so quick round-up.

His comments are not truthful, reasonable or legitimate political commentary; they are bold face lies.  Let's take a recent look.

1. Trump would try Americas from America (accused of terrorism) at Gitmo because he knows they want to be tried at a regular court and he "doesn't like that at all".
 - This is against our US Constitution (the one that he "loves" and has read over and over).  This would contradict the parts about a fair trial, presumption of innocence, as well as federal law prohibiting moving Americans to a foreign country for trial.

2. Trump says the Obama is the "Founder" of ISIS.  Later upgraded to "Founder and MVP". In subsequent rallies he said the same thing.  He also said it again on the Hugh Hewitt show, even after Mr. Hewitt tried to get him to say that it was a rhetorical stance.
- After getting a truck load of push back from Republicans, he tweeted late Thursday night that it was sarcasm. He claims this, even though Hugh Hewitt tried to have Mr. Trump admit it wasn't true on his radio show earlier in the evening. Mr. Trump said no, he believed it.

3. Trump always says (and is backed by the do-nothing Republican wing of Congress (as opposed to the do-nothing Democratic wing)) that President Obama created ISIS by pulling out of Iraq too soon.
- President Obama followed the treaty that was negotiated by President Bush.  It was not Obama's plan, it was President Bush's.

4. Mr. Trump called on his "second amendment supporters" (2nd Amendment is the right to bear arms - once muskets, now AK-47s and Uzi's) to "do something" if Hillary Clinton wins.  He later tried to shrug this off as saying they should vote. But his statement was "IF Hillary Clinton is elected ... there is nothing we can do.  Well maybe my second amendment supporters can.", which belies his attempts to rationalize it as a call for voting.
- This is Crazy Donald calling for assassination.
- These are almost exactly the same calls that the right wing of Israeli made for Yitzak Rabin - Prime Minster of Israel - before he was assassinated by a right wing terrorist / patriot. To let Trump pretend anything else is just crap. Let us remember the Dixie Chicks were run off radio and out of the country because they said they didn't vote for Bush or support the war.  Donald Trump just called for the assassination of an elected President. I do not understand how Republicans can laugh this off - but they have.

5. Mr. Trump has accused the Democratic Party of rigging the debates by scheduling them against the NFL. In his retelling, the NFL wrote him a letter asking him to move the debates.
- The NFL immediately said this was a lie. As for the underlying assumption, the debate scheduled was published last year and was set by the non-partisan group that always sets the debate schedule.

6. Mr. Trump has pre-emptively stated the election will be rigged. 
- No one knows if he is laying the groundwork for a face-saving way of losing or for a assassination based uprising here (he probably doesn't know or think about it).  But Trump and all of his supporters (Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie in this) has provided no proof or even an explanation of how it might be "rigged".  But it has been enough so that his most enthusiastic backers are ready to ignore over 200 years of history and challenge the valid results of a Presidential election.

So yeah, that was this week.

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