Thursday, August 11, 2016

Now this is Funny - Trump vs Trump on his positions.

I think it is hilarious, watching him talk and talk.  Because (like all narcissistic sociopaths) he loves to talk and if you listen long enough he will say anything and everything.


Even with that, sometimes you can't get all bent out of shape over everything.  His whole "Second Amendment People" comment was stupid, but not evil.  Here I tend to totally agree with Paul Ryan.  It sounds like a joke that went bad.

But the problem is that Donald (and his apologists on TV) can't admit he was wrong. So they try to spin it as "a call for votes".  Which it wasn't.  Donald distinctly said that "after Hillary gets in...".  So why lie?  Why not just admit it was a bad joke?*  We've all make a stupid comment that was worse than that.

* Oh, FYI the answer as to "why" is that narcissistic sociopaths cannot admit they were wrong.  It's not in their nature.

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