Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Margaret J. Plant Pavilion

The Margaret J. Plant Pavillion at St. Luke's Hospital faces our apartment.  I love this building.  It is as gorgeous as the rest of St. Luke's is ugly.

There are some very very cool things.

One is the addition of the semi-enclosed balconies, where the patients could "take the air".  There were 65 private rooms in this wing, completed in 1906.
The Art Nouveau Entrance below the balconies.

Here is a picture of St. Luke's back in the day.  The turret and the front left corner (where the Margaret J. Plant Pavilion is located) are now marked as Historical Buildings.  So they are here for a while.

Which is cool.  I like them.
Looking at the Pavilion and our apartment in the distance

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