Friday, September 30, 2016

Congress is a Pack of Jackasses Who Are Mad Obama's Veto Was Overturned by Congress

So, Congress passed a law that would "allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia". This on the assumption (as yet unproven) that the Saudi Government supported the terrorists who flew the buildings into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Not just people in Saudi Arabia- but the government.  And yes, we had an inquiry into that under Bush the Younger and nothing was found to implicate the government.

Wall Street Journal Opinion Page - Obama Haters! - makes fun of Congress for the stupid act.
But there is a current law that foreign governments cannot be sued unless that country is listed as "State sponsor of Terrorism". So the law congress wrote a new law - and the Obama administration fought against the law - which says that if a country supported terrorism in any way even if it wasn't a terrorist act when it started or they didn't know terrorist would use the funds, they could be sued in US Court.
Yes, Congress blames Obama for their own actions.

The President (like Bush the Younger before him) said there were two problems with this.

First, there is no proof the Saudi Government sponsored the terrorists - despite investigations and assumptions that the government might have known.

Second, this law would open the United States and our troops to being sued for acts we do.

So he veto'ed the legislation. (link) Joining the President in condemning this legislation this were military leaders of both parties and major companies operating in foreign countries (link)

Japan notes the idiocy of it all.
The only thing Congress enjoys more than screwing over the President is grandstanding with 9/11 families before an election - so they overrode the Veto and passed the law anyway. In the US, a Presidential Veto can be overridden by a 2/3s majority - and it passed almost unanimously in the Senate (97 - 1) and strongly in the House of Representatives (348-77). So plenty of dumb Democrats (lead by Israel's Senator Chuck Schumer) voted for this.

Well... it turns out President Obama was right. Suddenly the leaders of both the House and Senate have been informed that drone attacks fall under their standard as written and the pilots can be sued.

AND anywhere we have military or espionage activities and Congress hasn't declared War (which is everywhere we have activities except Afghanistan) our military can be sured. (link)

Now, Congress is - seriously they are saying this - bitching because Obama didn't participate in writing the legislation. This is after the SAME CONGRESSMEN bitched that Obama WAS attempting to put his spin on the pending legislation. (link)

As I said, Jackasses.
Bloomberg Editorial.

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