Monday, September 19, 2016

Our Visit to the National Aviary (and Happy)

Happy is a penguin.  We got tickets to the "penguin encounter" at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.  It was totally cool.
Happy gives me a groom, Happy walking around, Ed "petting" /feeling Happy's wings.
Now you know I love penguins - so this was fun. Our guide told us all about the penguin. Happy is a young adult - just past his juvenile molt. He has the braying sound that gives them their name in Africa - the Jackass Penguin, while we call them the African Penguin or the Black Footed Penguin.

Anyway, the are at risk in the wild, so the Aviary is part of the network of zoos that breeds for diversity and Happy is one of the six breed to a pair in Pittsburgh.

We also walked through multiple Aviaries, which is not Ed's thing, but we still have a wonderful time.  It is a quick and fun trip.
The 4 bottom birds were int he tropical Aviary. The bottom left was kind of pushy huge and a little off-putting. Up top,  some great views of an Andean Condor.

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