Tuesday, October 11, 2016

High School Reunion Pictures

So, I was at my High School Reunion last week-end.  How was it?


I mean I LOVED seeing my friends, but if one more person walked up to me, stared at my name tag and said "Did I know you?" I was going to punch them. I finally responded to someone (on their second review of my name tag) with "No. No one knew me in High School.  Move along."
Bev, Stephen, Shelly and I

Myself, Stephen's Significant Other and Flaco

Time Thomas, his wife and me.
I certainly did not hit my stride until college and after.

But I did love seeing my old friends (4 of them) and two of their significant others.

And I spent the day with my friend Shelly. We drove up the coast from Laguna to Long Beach. And we stopped by the school and took a few pictures.  That was a kick.

So we took a picture of the us in front of the Gladiator picture, and for some reason, we could not stop laughing. Just the idea that two old people would be taking pictures at a high school was creepy and then we felt like idiots. I particularly felt like a fool in the first set of pictures where, in order to see the viewfinder, I had my glasses on the top of my head.

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