Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some pictures from Bartholomew

View from the top. Santiago Island in the distance.
Well, we've been back since late Sunday night and I haven't posted.  I haven't been lazy (per se), but busy.

We got back and I have been teaching this week until Tomorrow - and then John and Sue are coming - so this will all be light posting for a while.

Eddie and I and the great view.
Meanwhile, here are some very cool pictures of Bartholomew Island. It is a little island, with a recent (geologically speaking) Volcano. It was interesting to preserve the natural development, Ecuador is very protective of all of the islands. In the case of Bartholomew, it meant climbing to the top via a set of wooden stairs.  Most is desolate, but you can see some green grown on the windward side of the island.
Eddie and the topography of most of the island.

So this was the full group (minus our guide and one older gentlemen that didn't want to tackle the stairs) from our cruise. The two guys in the middle (in black and red shirts) are "The Nomadic Boys" from Instagram.  They pulled this together.

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effie jo said...

Loved all your photos. What a fabulous adventure!