Sunday, November 06, 2016

"Certain People"

No, anyone can vote early....

What The Nevada Republican Chairman and then Donald Trump were complaining about were people actually voting. You see in many areas turnout for voting is very high for early voting because low wage workers don't get to take election day off.

The 3 hour line to vote in a Hispanic neighborhood.
So Republicans (and yes in this election ONLY Republicans) have limited early voted where it used to be okay, closed multiple locations in traditionally Democratic neighborhoods (often saying "they can't get staffing" without asking people) and generally tried to limit voting.  Enough so that 4 states have had their voting changes rescinded by court order (half from Republican appointed judges), with North Carolina being called out for making changes that "surgically targeted minority voters".

So in Nevada, another state where state government is controlled by Republicans, this lead to lines
over 3 hours to early vote.  They agreed to keep the station open until everyone who got in line by 7PM had finished voting. It stated to finish those that arrived on time. This didn't happen in Republican areas because they had plenty of different locations.

You changed the rules, don't complain now.

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