Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Don't Have a Miscarriage in Texas


So a couple years ago Texas passed laws to make legal pregnancy termination almost impossible to obtain. These draconian laws were overturned by the District Court and the Supreme Court.

So now the Texas lawmen (yes - I know they are legislators, but they think of themselves as "lawmen" partner) have decided to make termination super expensive and shaming to the families. (link: Texas style)

Since this is Texas and they ain't big on details, legal termination and, say, a miscarriage are treated, you know, exactly the same.

Now a woman who suffers a miscarriage or legally terminates her pregnancy will have to give a burial or cremation to the medical remains. This includes spontaneous miscarriages - which are relatively common, and it is why people don't say their pregnant until usually 2-3 months into the pregnancy.

Now the law doesn't cover miscarriages or legal terminations at home - so if you decide to terminate your pregnancy with over the counter meds at home, you don't have to do anything different.

But if you are at home and get sick, start to rupture, bleed or miscarry at home AND you go to the doctor - well then you have to have a burial or cremation for the non-viable bunch of cells that you dreamed and prayed might one day be your child.

And if your raped. Well, it is your own fault and you need to pay for the funeral or burial. (No mention of the husband, father, rapist in the bill.)

Because, Texas.  Not God - you don't need to have a service. Not tradition - millions of woman go through the pain of miscarrying and hate it without a burial every year. Not safety - termination of a pregnancy doesn't require burial or cremation. Not public good - you can no longer donate stem cells, organs or anything else.

Just because a bunch of old white fucks in Texas say so.  And then they will say "Shame on you!!!"

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