Tuesday, November 29, 2016

If you missed Lucifer last night, you missed a hilarious line.

Fine, I'll admit it, even if you won't.

I watch Lucifer. And it is hilarious quite often. It is less Fox TV and more USA oddball TV.  And LA looks great on it.

And if you missed it last night you missed a great throwaway line, which they have a lot.
Chloe, Mom and Lucifer (Lucy per his brother)
Lucifer was sitting with Chloe's mother at a trail and he turns to her and says, "I really admire the way you're holding up through this."

She says, "Well, this isn't the first trial. It's always easier the second time around."

And Lucifer says, "Like butt stuff?"

Okay - it was a throw away and I had to back up my DVR but it was very very funny. And that is why I love the show. In the middle of nothing, they deliver lines that I cannot believe.

Sure, there are Fallen Angels and God's Ex-wife, but if you get past the heresy (or view it as total fiction) - it is great! And, if God was going to have a vengeful ex-wife, it would be Tricia Helfer.

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