Thursday, November 03, 2016

WOW! This is why the NRA peddles Conspiracy Theories...

Ahead of the election Gun sales are spiking. Again.  They did the same thing ahead of Obama's Election and Reelection. Kind of goes to the a sucker is born every minute theory of life. Because Gun Laws Will Not Change with or without the election of Hillary Clinton!

NO one politician change can the Right To Bear Arms 
The NRA is counting on American's stupidity and belief in conspiracy theories to line their pockets. And many gun enthusiasts are playing right into their hands.

Here is the poopski on why this is stupid (for Americans) and why our laws won't change (for foreign readers).

The Right to Bear Arms is defined in the 2nd Amendment. As much as some people want to limit this right to refer to muskets or to an non-automatic weapons it is impossible. The courts have ruled on this - and the 2nd amendment applies to current styles of guns. Changing this would require (I) a 2/3s majority of the Senate and the House of Representatives AND THEN  (II) for 38 different states to ratify a change. Since there aren't even 50% of either branch of the legislature, part one (I) will not happen. EVEN on the wildly impossible thought that it might, part two (II) can't happen when fully 23 states are in total Republican control and 20 others are in partial Republican control.

The only marginal gun control laws that might POSSBILY pass are:

  1. Prohibiting sale of firearms to people on the no-fly list.
  2. Requiring background checks for private gun sales
Both of these have some slim, tiny, minuscule chance of passing Congress with less than an appearance by Jesus popping down for a quick - "Vote for these messages".

If is theoretically possible to ban semi-automatic assault rifles, but the only way that has ever happened was after an assassination attempt on Saint Reagan's life once 4 decades ago. Even then it expired.

So your guns are safe no matter who wins. The NRA is feeding you a line of crap here because they want to sell guns (the NRA is now primarily funded not by members but by gun manufacturers).

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