Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Festivus

So, it's that time again, the annual airing of grievances for Festivus.  So let's gather around the Festivus Pole and list or most annoying grievances.

1: The Media falling for ratings and attention grabbing headlines and ignoring actual issues during elections.  Examples, Trump and Duarate (Philippines).

2: Tom Hanks as Sully.  First off, no one was up for a movie that showed the horrible things a great American went through. I mean everyone loves him, come on!  And, second, Tom - just stop.

3: Liberals who don't vote - except sometimes for President. If you want to change the world, you can't just come out every 4th year to root for Bernie. You have to vote in by-elections. Asinine ideas (the Electoral College overturns the vote?!) just makes you lazy idiots look worse.

4: UCLA Football in 2016.  Just look away.
That's us. Losing to UTAH!!!
5: Trump's Cabinet. Who knew "draining the swamp" meet adding multiple generals and Goldman Sachs alums. Even more annoying is that the voters will someone support it.

6: North Carolina. Actually it's probably North Carolina's legislature, but the state voted them in.  They had a deal to repeal HB2, provided that Charlotte repealed their non-discrimination bill.  Charlie Brown repealded the city bill and the Lucy Legislature did NOT repeal HB2.  Surprise.  North Carolina also rushed through a lot of changes to the Governor's office after a Democrat won the election there.

7. Christians Who Were Loudly for Trump. A man who cheated on his first wife while married to her with his second wife. A man who talked about his ability to get away with grabbing women by the pussy (and no - that is NOT locker room talk). A man who does not believe in much beyound getting even.