Friday, December 02, 2016

Mascot of December - West African Black Rhinoceros

These are two beautiful West African Black Rhinoceros. These two are dead.

You may wonder how I can say that with certainty. Well, within the last decade, the West African Black Rhinoceros has gone extinct. There are no more.


In parts of Asia (Vietnam and China specifically) the horn is worth more than its weight in gold. It is ground up and used in medicine. So they were hunted into extinction. The horn is not magical. In fact, we have studied this since trying to find a valid scientific reason would have allowed us to come up with a replacement. But they are no medical properties or even magical properties.

We know that Rhino horns are made of keratin - the same material that makes our fingernails and hair. Knowing the truth, who would believe that Rhino horns are magical? Are those believers stupid?

Easy for us to say. They could easily ask of us, who would believe:
  • Vaccines give autism
  • 3 Million undocumented aliens voted in California
  • Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster
  • Bernie Sanders would definitely have beaten Donald Trump
  • Electrocuting children will make turn them from gay to straight
  • Hiring a Goldman Sacks man to run the Department of Commerce is "draining the swamp"
  • A Muslim Family who lost their Army Officer son are terrorists
  • Giving millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation doesn't buy access
  • Global Climate Change has nothing to do with man's adding carbon to the atmosphere at a historical high levels
We all have our own beliefs that we cling to. Let us hope we can see the truth before something else goes instinct.
These are dead too

Yep, this on too.