Monday, December 12, 2016

This is what is wrong with Airlines in General

So I was looking at condos in Spain (not that Trump is freaking me out or anything - but I love he and John Bolton's latest comment - the President Obama AND the CIA are lying about Russian hacking to feel better.  Bullshit, if they were lying they would be contesting the results. He's a dope.).

Anyway, I was looking to see how much flights were to Malaga - to look at condos. And I see that Alitalia has a flight, via Rome, for $645.  That's great, I think.

So I think, "Well, if it is that cheap to fly via Rome, maybe I should look at Rome because there are plenty of reasonable condos in Italy."

The same flights - EXACTLY THE SAME - except you don't get the second flights to Malaga in Spain is $971.

So, for $645, I can fly to Rome and then get a second flight to Malaga.  But if I don't want the second flight and want to stay in Rome - it's 50% more (actually 50.54% more).

Which is also to say, our President Elect is FREAKING ME OUT.