Sunday, December 04, 2016

This Takes Me Back

So, in 1980 UCLA went to the finals of Men's Basketball. We were beating Louisville until very late in the game when we fell apart. As that happened 2 of the song girls started the waterworks.

They knew, as I did, that they would be the "picture of heartbreak" on the newspaper the next day. This wasn't a surprise as our song-girls had already been featured on NBC and Sports Illustrated that year. Well, Julie Hayeck, who later became Miss USA and runner-up for Miss Universe, started crying next to me.

I know how gorgeous Julie Hayeck was (and is, we're friends on facebook), so I shoved my face right into her hair to comfort her. And I would NOT schooch no matter how much those damn camera men tried to dislodge me. And there I was on the front page of a million papers the next day. Okay, It was Julie and 1/2 my face, but I couldn't be completely cropped out (this was before photoshop kids).

I think of this when I saw the recent picture of Team Madrid in general, with Cristiano Renaldo in particular.  See what I mean below.

PS - Julie Hayeck at the final four game with Bryant Gumball.
This was one day one, before the famous "sad Julie" picture I shoved my head into.