Sunday, January 08, 2017

Cool Show At The Met

There is a show at the Metropolitan Museum that is really cool.  It is Valentine De Boulogne Beyond Caravaggio.

So Caravaggio, who I love, was one of the first "realist" painters. He painted from live models.  Valentine took over the system of painting from models (so he didn't have lot's of "studies" and sketches).  He only painted about 60 pictures, and the Met had 45 of them.  Here were my favorites.

St. John


Then there was this amazing picture that symbolizes Italy.
Italy the woman on top. The River Gods of Rome at the old men and the kids are Romulus and Remus.

The show with some of the instruments from the Met's collection that are also i the paintings.

A Acudlute. A super big old style lute.
This is a painting of St. John the Baptist, but it is also a self-portrait of the artist.

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