Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trees of My Youth 2 - Palm Trees

Well, palm trees are the coolest.

Mexican Fan Palms in the olden days.
They don't give much shade, only some give dates and they don't change color in the winter, but I love them.  There are two species that have a special place in the heart of this LA Boy.
One is the Mexican Fan Palm.  These are the palms that have the fronds that hang down.  They are suppose to shade the trunk.

The short ones on the left hand side of Doheny are Mexican Fan Palms. The towering ones on the right at Canary Island Date Palms.
The other is the Canary Island Date Palms.  These are the ones that are really cool and like 100 feet tall.

Los Angeles planted a ton of these for the 1932 Olympics.  They towered above streets and you still see them flying into LAX.  However, there is a blight that attacks them with no resolution.  And, since they are so tall and so heavy, they are removed when the blight hits before they crash down.
Low, Mexican Fan Palms, high - Canary Island Date Palms.

But I love them all.

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