Sunday, January 29, 2017

You CANNOT Make This Shit Up

Buckle up pussy grabbers, we're in for a ride. (I was going to say "Buckle up motherf*ckers", but I thought that might be crude, so I decided to use USA Born Again Christian Approved vernacular).

Breitbart News Editor Turned President Trump's Chief of Staff is now on the National Security Council.  You know who ISN'T? Head of National Intelligence. AND The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They will be invited in when their opinion is wanted. SERIOUSLY!!!

 Now some of you might say, "He was head of a news organization, how bad can it be?"  Ha ha ha!

Here are the "news" organization headlines (some screen grabs and some twitter links). 

And, "How bad can it be?" It's going to make Slim Pickins look like a motherf*cking pussy-grabbing** genius (**BAC Approved vernacular).

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