Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump Was Reasonable in Attacking the Syrian Airbase

I didn't want to bury the lead. I don't particularly like Donald Trump as President and I often disagree with him. However, given the circumstances, I thought he was reasonable in attacking the airbase where Syria launched a chemical weapons attack from.


In attacking the airbase he gave a heads up to Syria and Russia that the United States wouldn't allow chemical weapons attacks on civilians. Think of it as that first warning your mother gives you when you screw up, before giving the immediate time-out or spanking.  AND it was necessary because President Trump and our Secretary of State had just before stated we could live with Assad.  And that comment was misinterepted as giving Assad and Russia a "free hand".

Of course I am disappointed in Congress, who fell into line pro or anti by Party, not be conviction. And, in fact, most switched positions depending on who was doing the bombing, Trump or Obama. They are generally weasels. Except for John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both of whom had yet to find a war they don't support.  But at least the are consistent.

I do think President Trump should explain he reasoning or the doctrine this encompasses. He various talking heads are giving incoherent and mutually exclusive answers. His "I don't revel my next steps" is great when negotiating a lease, less useful when running the country.

Note: I fully admit to seeing the rare positives in using limited war to stop wars. I know there are a million examples were it doesn't work, but I volunteer in Bosnia, where Clinton's War did work.

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