Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wait, Which is it? Fulfill or Not?

The Administration (the anti-I Cannot Tell A Lie team) is sending mixed signals regarding Iran.

Congress requires a periodic report from the administration on how the Iran Government is doing with regards to the nuclear agreement. The Trump Administration was therefore forced a few days ago to say Iran is complying with the agreement.

But Trump hates this agreement (cancelling it was going to be is "Top Priority" in many speeches*).

So yesterday the President and the Secretary of State took time out (...from greeting the New England Patriots and asking for exemptions for Exxon to the Russian sanctions...) to issue a vague warning to Iran. Iran is being "provocative". And not in that sexy grab-a-pussy kind of way that our President likes. And not in a breaking agreement kind of way. More in a change the subject on TV kind of way.

So Iran hasn't really done anything wrong, but Trump has found the military hardware and is all agog over it. So any chance to blow things up.

This is not a great time to be all "look how big my junk is", since the Iranians have a Presidential Election coming right up and this bluster just empowers the hard-liners, but this administration cannot get the timing right on their own elections, much less some Iranian one...

* Of course in other speeches his "Top Priority" was building a wall at the Mexican Border, in other ones pulling out of the Paris Accord, in other ones Repealing Obamacare

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