Thursday, May 11, 2017

What if he is Really Smart?

So, at some point, one MUST their panties in a bunch. What if Trump is smart? Maybe not "world" smart, but Authoritarian Smart.
Maybe Not Normal - But Maybe Really Smart

If one wanted to take over the country, one would set about doing it EXACTLY as President Donald trump has.

He has torn down and berated anyone that stands up to him. His followers believe him with an imperviousness that is frightening. No amount of lies, duplicity and broken promises sways their core belief that his will be their savior / hero / vanquisher of "the others".

There are only a few institutions in the country that have net positive ratings over 80% from both sides of the political divide, two of them are the FBI and the Supreme Court. He is now pulling those down into the dirt where he can claim that are against him, not fair players.

He has constantly belittled the courts - the Supreme Court has been spared thus far only because it hasn't ruled on anything. But he has argued that the Court isn't right to rule against him. He has argued that Judges in the Federal System are unable to rule honestly regarding him. He has publicly advocated for the break up of the 9th district court. He has lied about the courts' history. He has called those that disagree with him "fake judges".

As for the FBI,  on May 9th he fired the Director when he refused to bend to the President's wishes. Now he wil begin the process of tearing down the court in public opinion. It will work with Fox News and the Republicans that voted for him (approximately 33% of the country).
Fox News coverage
 You want to see how it will go down. Look at Fox News coverage (above) - and their web sites are TAME compared to their on air reporting. What we see are the first 3 "stories" are simply status updates, bland and non informative. The 4th story references "a stick of dynamite" at the DOJ - insinuating that the FBI director can't be trusted. By the fucking by, the "dyanamite" referenced, it turns out, was supposedly the news conference he called about Hillary's emails. You know, the ones DONALD TRUMP lavished praise on in November. The 5th story is all about how to ignore any non-fox news story about this by tying the FBI to the media, which their audience already hates and dis-trusts.

The President has demanded his own security team - and in fact sent his "private bodyguard" (not the secret service) to deliver the firing notice to Director Comey. Better to send a message.

Yesterday he met with the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister accompanied by the Kremlin's photographer. Giving a  member of the Kremlin staff full access to the Oval office, with no one watching them. The US press was excluded and we got pictures from the Russian press. Of our President in our Oval office.

CEO as dictator is reasonable to many. President as dictator is being normalized by Donald Trump.

Given the President's reach and reaction (demanded the names of twitter account holders who annoy him), I suppose any protest will all end soon. Our Congress has folded, content to indulge President Trump as long as they can take away Health Care and give bigger tax breaks to rich people.
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