Monday, June 05, 2017

You Outside of the US Might Wonder, WTF?

I am breaking my "less Trump" rule to explain to those outside the US what the hell our President is doing.

You might have seen the tweets our Dear Leader has sent recently. They are attacking the Mayor of London by taking a clause out of context from a sentence (link). He has doubled down recently and attacked the Mayor yet again - this during a British tragedy.

You would be forgiven thinking this is some odd mistake.  You are wrong.

He is doing this for 2 reasons.

First, and most importantly, our President is a bitter, mean little man who never forgets a slight. The London Mayor objected to his Muslim ban (and is, himself, a Muslim) and Trump hasn't forgotten it. Any chance to attack him when he is down.

Second, the fired FBI Director is going to testify this week.  Trump was going to talk about infrastructure to distract everyone, but this works even better.  He gets to be mean and nasty and play to his strengths. Our media (lemmings) will take this bait and run with it.

Because Trump is petty and childish, but not stupid. Incurious and ignorant, but not stupid.

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