Monday, July 10, 2017

Aubry Plaza Week-End Double Header

Aubry Plaza is funny as hell, and will do anything for a laugh. The ruder the better.

We went and saw "The Little Hours" this week-end. It is a very funny, very dirty R rated movie that bandies the word f*ck around like it is hello. If you knew my parents, you would know why I find this funny, not offensive.  The red-band (aka - for adults only) trailer follows.

It is an odd little movie since it was based on an actual 14th Century book that essentially described the horrible life of nuns at the time. Many women were made nuns, not because of devotion to the church, but because there were excess women in some richer families and they couldn't afford dowries for all of them.
Aubry checking to see if Dave Franco is really a deaf mute
So these are 3 women that don't want to be nuns, washing floors, cleaning up after priests and generally stuck without men.  Now the language is not at all middle ages, and the "sciprt" was a 20 page rough draft with lots of cursing, but there was a sweet little story under all that filth. Go figure.

It is also funny that this raunchy ass dirty movie was produced by Aubry Plaza and other women, written by women, and directed by a woman.

Then, yesterday after my nap, I came out and was watching Eddie watching "Dirty Grandpa". I assumed for the nearly naked Zach Efron - which was the original draw, but a dirty college age Aubry Plaza hitting on Grandpa Robert DeNiro was pretty damn funny.

And now the (Red Band) Trailer for  The Little Hurs

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