Saturday, July 15, 2017

Finally! I saw Assassins

I finally got a chance to see Assassins. I have missed it a number of times. This was a City Center Encore show - which means very little staging.

It starred Steven Pasquale - one of my all time favorites, and Cory Michael Smith.  I was blown away by the "Balladeer" Clifton Duncan. Watch the number below from rehersals with Pasquale and Duncan. Great.


ShellyH said...

The ginger, second to the left was the lead in "Hand to God" wasn't he?

Scott said...

You are correct! He was! He has gained weight (or they fattened him up to look like John Hinkley). Stephen Boyer.

It was either a great portrayal of a sad and dull man - or he was remarkably bored.