Thursday, July 06, 2017

You Remember the "Christian" Hobby Lobby - Don't You?

Ah the "Hobby Lobby"... This is the company that refused to pay for health care that included birth control because the company (the COMPANY!) was Christian. It went to the Supreme Court and they one. (LINK) It turns out that for 5 of the Supreme Courts judges that:
a. A company can hold religious beliefs
b. The company that hold religious beliefs can act on them
c. The truth of those beliefs was unimportant to the outcome*

Well it turns out that this Christian is a liar, thief, looter and war profiteer.

Hobby Lobby purchased 5,500 ancient artifacts looted from the war in Iraq via middle men. They were warned by their own lawyers it was probably illegal. The President and expert from Hobby Lobby (good Christians) went to the Middle East where they were warned against the deal. Before you say that maybe this was an honest mistake, they wired money through over a dozen different middle men. They never meet the "owner". They had the shipments from the United Arab Emirates labelled as being from "Turkey" (isn't "bearing false witness" a big no no?).

This is one of the "Turkish Sample Tiles" that Hobby Lobby both illegally.

Dear Hobby Lobby, thank you for the sample tile. I would like to tile my floor with these ancient writing samples.
Hey - if you're to call your self Christian and proclaim that you live by the Biblical Rules in denying health care to women, you deserve contempt as a liar, war profiteer and smuggler.  Hobby Lobby should go to jail. (LINK)

*In this case, the company believed that birth control lead to abortions. Expert testimony that this was not true didn't matter. A compromise to use only birth control that prevent fertilization (as opposed to inhibiting attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus) was also deemed "abortion" by the company - again not true as testified by evidence. But companies, in addition to being religious can, apparently, based their religious decisions on random facts made up by Fox News.

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