Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Castgelo de St. Jorge

Some pics from Portugal.  On our second day we toodled up to the Castle. It is the Castle of St. George, named after the British Saint George by Kind Joao 1, who was married to an English Princess.

It dominates the city and skyline, as it is set on one of the highest hills overlooking the port and river. It was first made a fortification by the Celtics, then the Phoenicians around 400 BC. Later the Romans and then the Moors took the place before the crusaders captured Portugal back.
You can see from the picture of yours truly, above, that it has a great view of the river and the port.

Inside there isn't a lot of stuff. Unlike British castles, people lived outside the walls and only ran in when the area was under attack.

Walking up to the ramparts

Eddie and I in tourist mode.
How long did it take us to walk up in 95 degree heat you ask.  No time at all, as we tuk-tuk'ed up and walked back down.
Our tuk-tuk and driver

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