Saturday, August 12, 2017

Oddly, When Muslim Terrorist Do This Overseas - Trump Is The First To Tweet Terrorism

OK... when this exact same thing happens overseas (a London Van drive ran into a group of pedestrians) - President Tiny Hands gets right on the his little unsecured phone and tweets about terror and how London sucks!

However, when a white terrorist (I am assuming he is white - true) does it to a group protesting against a KKK / "Southern Pride" rally and then kills Americans - he says ... bland words of crap.

In this country he can't even bother to call out the people that did this. 

When this hit in fan in London he called it terror , and then trashed the mayor of London for telling people to remain calm.
So... what do you think the difference is between Charlottesville and London? He has got less twitter happy.

The killer in Charlottesville is a white Trump backer who killed people protesting against racism vs. a Muslim killer in London? He doesn't want to saying anything bad about whites? Or killers? Or support people who oppose racism?

Because if it isn't any of those then he cares more about the British dead than American Dead - and that doesn't seem right...

 Bring back the fucking 'Mooch. At least he would say SOMETHING.

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