Thursday, September 07, 2017


This picture of St. Martin (or Sint Maarten) freaks me out. Not just because of the destruction - although that is bad enough, but because Ed and I were there after a category 2 and were amazed at the destruction then - now it looks quaint by comparison.

Driving through St. martin after a Cat 2 hit.
The picture above was from when we were there. There are 2 airports (the big one of the Dutch side and a small one on the French side), because we couldn't get into the Dutch one we caught the last 2 seats to the French airport and drove to the Dutch side to fly home.

Driving across the island, there was only 1 road that was still open, the road above. And we had to stop and wait every now and then as the trash and power lines were moved so we could get through. We took pictures of a few boats over turned and houses damaged and we felt awful. People stood outside there homes with damage to roofs and walls - particularly along the ocean.

You just knew it was going to take weeks to get back to normal.

On St. Barts when we were there after a Cat 2
That hurricane freaked us out. Sitting in the dark, no eletricty, no air with storm bashing at doors and windows we were never particularly afraid for our lives, but we were afraid.

I literally cannot imagine how scary it must be to sit in a Hurricane Cat 5. Look at the picture below of Barbuda.  It's like a bomb.
And these are places that are, at least somewhat, used to hurricanes!

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