Sunday, January 07, 2018

In Case You Missed the Banana Republic News Alerts last week

Well, the new USA Banana Republic is in full swing.  Here are some recent highlights:

We had a commission to investigate "voter fraud".  This was a shame. It started ONLY because President Trump followed some Fox News Story that he would have won the popular vote IF ONLY 3 million illegal voters hadn't voted for Hillary.

We Americans had to pay for an asinine commission that promptly turned into a shit show on how to disenfranchise Democratic minority voters.  A Democrat on the commission was shut out of meetings and notes, sued, than was then granted legal support to see the records (of the commission he was on). Rather than share the records (which will no doubt be incriminating and are being shredded as quickly as they can be) - President Trump disbanded the commission. He will now fight the order in court, since the commission was closed.

Of course, this isn't how government records work in the United States (with have freedom of information requirements), but who knows what the new rules of the Banana Republic are.

The Clinton Foundation - one of the greatest things to come out of a retired President ever, is being investigated for pay to play access questions. In general, this is fine. In fact the first few times it was fine. But Hillary hasn't been Secretary of State for 3 years and this has been investigated repeatedly (it is a common Fox News talking point with no facts behind it). No one has ever found any foul play. In fact, the Clinton Foundation does amazing work.

But, in a Banana Republic, investigators investigate what the strong man tells them too. President Trump has ordered them to reopen the investigation. No doubt something will be found. That is how Banana Republics work.

Republicans on the committee to investigate possible ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia have offered up their first referral to the justice department. This is against the British author of the a campaign dossier against Candidate Trump. You might think this would be outside of the basic question of the committee (you know, did the Trump Campaign collude with the Russians), but the laps dogs are protecting their enabler.  Welcome to Bananastan.

Six states have legalized pot sales. As a candidate, Trump said he would not interfere with this - same as the prior administration was doing.  That has changed.  Not surprisingly, five of the six states are blue states.

Our Attorney General is spear heading this.  He lied during his confirmation hearings about his stand on state legalization of Marijuana. Which is (wow!) the same thing the Republicans have accused the British dossier author of doing - lying to Congress - see above as to why he was refer to DOJ authorities.

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