Wednesday, January 17, 2018

NOW It All Makes Sense

I am usually a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, his sensibility and his movies (except the violent  "There Will Be Blood"). But I never really thought about why. They I read the article where he had a Q&A, and I read what he recommended to others. 

He is, so, LA - turns out he was born in Studio City in 1970. 

This link is here, but here are the top LA-centric things he recommends. (Old movie stars, watching great movies on film and LA New Wave Radio / Bands).

Humphrey Bogart
Brahms’ Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77*
Call Me by Your Name
Joan Fontaine
Full Metal Jacket
Cary Grant
• Hitchcock’s Advice to Shoot Love Scenes Like Murder Scenes and Shoot Murder Scenes Like Love Scenes [This seems to be François Truffaut’s description of Hitchcock’s work rather than actual advice from Hitchcock.]
KROQ in the New Wave Era
Carole Lombard
Charles Laughton
The Los Angeles Dodgers
Myrna Loy
James Mason
The Motels
Oingo Boingo
Seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at the La Reina Theatre on Opening Day
The Shining
The Specials
Watching Movies on Film
Wild at Heart
John Williams
Wonder Woman
Writing Out Your Characters’ Names Every Time Instead of Using the Autofill Features in Screenwriting Software

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