Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Trump's First Year - It Could Have Been Worse

Well, we can say this about Trump's first year, it could have been worse.

Let's look in the pro column for a moment.
  • He's done a fine job of continuing the Obama recovery.
  • He / Republicans were able to lower corporate tax rate (which both sides have said was needed - at different times).
  • He has improved our relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Obamacare is still viable
  • (For his constituents) He has been able to effect a remarkable number of Judgeships
  • (For his constituents) He has been able to roll back a ton of regulations via Executive Order
  • He has governed with a regulatory vision (that is: no new regulations) that satisfies the outlook requirements for business
In the anti-column - BUT not really a problem...
  • He has reduced the prestige of the country 
  • His tweets are embarrassing constantly
  • He lies with stunning disregard and no culpability
  • He pulled out of the Paris Accords (but states are making that up)
  • He tried to end the Iran Accord (but hasn't)
  • He pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (but Clinton and Sanders both said they would have too - not that 3 wrongs make a right).
In the actual consequences anti-column
  • He ended DACA
  • He is screwing with NAFTA threatening millions of jobs
  • He has continued to undercut the Affordable Care Act
  • He has reduced the size of National Monuments, and increased the price to visit National Parks.
  • He has violated the constitution with no backlash
    • The Emoluments Clause
    • The Equal Protection Amendments
    • Separation of Church and State (1st Amendment)
  • He has reduced the value of American soft power
  • He is easy to manipulate
Sure there is a lot more. And I, personally, worry about the protection of my rights as a human being. But, like Calvin's mom said, it could be worse. One down, three to go.

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