Friday, February 09, 2018

Oy -- Fox News VP Loses It in an Incoherent Rant - UPDATED

You gotta love crazy old white men (said a crazy old white man himself)...

I read this headline, then the article.  And then, because I couldn't actually believe it, I went to the original Opinion piece. LINK.

It is hard to understand his issue. I think he started off (his piece) by complaining that we shouldn't pick athletes for the Olympics based on diversity.

But we don't. Sure this is the first year to OUT gay athletes have performed. But one of them, Gus Kenworthy, won a gold in Sochi already in skiing. And loads of gay athletes have competed in ice skating before (did anyone really not know Johnny Wier was gay).
Gus Kenworhty
But later, Fox VP John Moody must have checked and found that the athletes were not chosen for diversity and, in fact, won their spots by merit.  Maame Biney and Shani Davies beat their competitors in speed skating.

Chole Kim (Asian American) qualified for Sochi, but was too young, and now has qualified for PyeongChang.
So now Mr. Moody (which rhymes with Mr. Mooney - didn't Lucy Ball work for a Mr. Mooney?) seems to be annoyed that the Washington Post celebrated diversity in it's article. But come on. In the run up to the Olympics, articles are written about everything Olympic. Your note going to love them all. With all the shit going on in the country and world, this is what you're upset about?

Read something fun, VP of Fox News John Moody... (a link for you)

Turns out, this was a racist too far for Fox.

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