Thursday, March 29, 2018

Do you like age 59?

I do not like age 59.
It wouldn’t wish it on a swine.

I do not like the wrinkles plain
I would not like it on a train.
I do not like it here or there.
I do not like it anywhere.

My hair is grey, what hair is there
And that hair is spreading everywhere
It’s in my ears and in my nose
And do not even look down at my toes.

My nightly rises, my bones all creak
Why up so much? Don’t look, don’t peak

I can’t eat wheat, it makes me fart
And Pizza, oy!, it makes me shart

My eyes are fading, getting worse
Even my complaints have gone to verse

But I have a good life, a husband and a dog
My mind is clear, not in a fog

And so, I age, happy as can be
But still, I wish I was thirty three


effie jo said...

Gotta love it!

ShellyH said...

I'm in the same boat with you; without the sprouting hair and pizza issues.

Mike C said...

Not so bad, being fifty-nine
I sure do wish that age were mine

Wait ‘till you get REALLY OLD
And move to Florida to avoid the cold!