Monday, March 26, 2018

March For Our Lives

Eddie and I went to Washington  DC this week-end and participated in the March Four Our Lives. It was an uplifting and great event - only marred by the reaction from many afterwards.

There were about 800,000 people there, organized primarily by students. The speakers were intelligent, honest and committed. The thing I liked is that they weren't being crazy or unreasonable.

The advocated for better background checks, the end of sales of automatic weapons and the end of sales of high capacity magazines. They did not advocate outlawing guns, or hunting,  or hand guns for protection.  They were reasonable.

The media isn't able to hold its attention to such detail however, and so their reasonable ideas were meet with ridicule and misunderstanding from both the people on the street and legislators like Marc Rubio. But, at least he acknowledged them.

The March was uplifting and great. Afterward Ed and I visited Washington DC sights and had a great time, except after telling one Marine and his girlfriend that his dog was handsome (a dalmatian with a little bowtie) he sneered at Ed and I, "He's pro-gun."

That seemed to sum up our country right now. This guy didn't hear anything and assumed everyone up there was anti-gun.  We aren't.  My mom and Nick own plenty of guns. Ed's extended family includes plenty of hunters. We aren't anti-gun. We are anti-unregulated automatic weapons. We are anti-shooting school kids. Why is that so impossible to hear.

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